Norman McBeath

Norman McBeath is a photographer and printmaker. The National Portrait Galleries in London and Edinburgh have over seventy of his portraits in their collections.

Portraits held in the National Portrait Gallery, London can be seen here.

Featuring in the Edinburgh Art Festival, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery is currently exhibiting The Long Look, work from a three-year collaboration with the painter Audrey Grant which explores the nature of portraiture beyond the conventional artist and sitter relationship.

Norman's work is his response to being a sitter for a long-durational portrait by Audrey and includes printmaking, a limited edition artist's book, Cierran, and an abstract portrait of Audrey through a series of photographs which reflect his fascination with the often missed beauty of the commonplace. Many of the photographs incorporate another theme which runs through Norman's work - the rich yet inadvertent traces of behaviour left in the wake of activity. The photograph opposite is of one of the cushions on the sitter's chair. The Long Look is on from 25th May - 27th October 2019.

Sitters Cushion Ii