Strath is the latest book published by Easel Press. It contains Scots versions, by Robert Crawford, of Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) Chinese poems paired with black and white duotone photographs by Norman McBeath.The title, Strath, is the Scots word for a low sided valley often with a river running through it. Most of the poems have a rural setting, while several mention grassy plains or rivers. The photographs in Strath offer subtle points of contact between poem and image, with pictures hinting at delicacy and fleetingness, at weathering, withering and growth. Robert Crawford is Professor of Modern Scottish Literature at the University of St Andrews.

Strath Cover


Published by Easel Press, 2019
Hardback, 60 pp · 22mm × 22.5mm
ISBN: 9780955285998
Price: £25

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Chinese Makars Cover

Chinese Makars

Published by Easel Press, 2016
Hardback, 72 pp · 22mm × 22.5mm
ISBN: 9780955285950
Price: £25

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Of Nearness Cover

Of Nearness

Published by Easel Press, 2012
Softback, 48 pp · 220mm × 245mm
ISBN: 9780955285943
Price: £20

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Simonides Cover


Published by Easel Press, 2011
Hardback, 72 pp · 250 × 245mm
ISBN: 9780955285936
Price: £35

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Plan B Cover

Plan B

Published by Enitharmon Press, 2009
Hardback, 70 pp · 242mm × 165mm
ISBN: 9781904634829
Price: £25

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City Stories Cover

City Stories

Published by Easel Press, 2008
Softback, 48 pp · 220mm × 245mm
ISBN: 97809552285929
Price: £25

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Oxford At Night Cover

Oxford at Night

Published by Easel Press, 2006
Softback, 48 pp · 22mm × 21.5mm
ISBN: 978955285905
Price: £25

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Photographers Britain Cover

Photographers’ Britain : Oxfordshire

Published by Alan Sutton, 1992
Softback,145 pp · 24.5cm × 19cm
ISBN: 0750900725

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