Light Box

Commissioned by the University of St Andrews to celebrate the 2015 International Year of Light this collaboration between Norman McBeath and Robert Crawford  celebrates light. It contains ten black and white, hand-printed and editioned, photographs paired with haiku by Robert Crawford. The work is produced in a limited edition of ten and is presented in a black buckram archival-quality solander box with silver gilt title. The set can be viewed here.

“Poets have celebrated light since at least the production of the hymn to the Aton – the ancient Egyptians’ sun god. Bringing together the classical Greek words for ‘light’ and ‘writing’, photography is a kind of making that depends, like much life, on light for its being. Though poetry cannot operate as instantaneously as photography, the Japanese haiku form – traditionally rendered in English as a five-syllable line, followed by a seven-syllable line, then a five-syllable line – has a shaped brevity that comes closest to the shutter’s click. So Light Box brings together haiku and photographic images to articulate in image and form the sustaining surprise of light.” Robert Crawford

Published by
Easel Press, 2015
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